Who Is The James Bond Of Steel Production?
August 7, 2020

How to be your industry star and the one for mission impossible.

James Bond of steel production

You are the star of your steel industry. You are the visionary; you think both process and management. You think of product flow and how to be fast and efficient in every possible way. Employee safety is your responsibility because you are the leader of your space. You know the best how to save costs in every way, you are the smart decision maker and you go up in your career like a rocket. Your factory space is clean and organized. You are putting things in order. You have high potential people in your team, and they are loyal to you. You are known in top management as the star (James Bond of the company) and they recommend you to better position, give more raises and promotions. You are the one with great innovative ideas that change your business and take it to next level.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

But reality is too often very far from this. Too many deadlines that are hard to catch, factory storage is a mess and need to be reorganized, tools are not the best, there is no time to think how to organize the storage. Employee safety is your responsibility and they keep complaining of risky working environment.

You have constant stress and often you are forced to take quick risky decisions because you need to hit the target that your superiors put on you. Product flow is slow and product damages cannot be avoided. Reclamations are a nightmare and make you look bad. Customers keep calling and they are never happy with the service and deliveries what they get. You got complaints from customers and your superiors. You hate your job, but you have no options.

If that is your life, believe me, you are not alone! I can tell you that there are a lot of people who face this kind of struggles.

Fertema is a Finnish, industrial company with over 35 years of experience of helping steel plant managers, factory or production managers, plant development and design engineers etc. on how to create a system and order by using smart lifting solutions. Quick process flow for steel products can be easily done by using magnetic lifters. We help you to save on storage space, speed up the process flow, reduce number of employees required for moving operations and prevent accidents. Save on cost of steel handling and moving from one area to another and prevent product damage. Prevent reclamations and customers complains.

If you are the one who faces these kind of daily routine and headache and want to move on your career and to be the star of your company, then contact us free of charge for consulting to show you how we managed to help some other similar cases like you and how they are now in completely new level in their work and life.

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