FeRtema Mission

Designing The Future Lifters

Fertema design and manufacture world class lifting solutions utilizing IOT internet of things and 5G technology.

Welcome to FeRtema team

Fertema Team is interantional people with various background and expertise that are devoted to create better future in lifting technology by utilizing from latest development in IOT to build smart safe and user friendly lifting equipments.

How we can help you?

  • Customize lifting device that solve your real pain.
  • Consulting you regarding latest lifting development.
  • Speed up your material process flow.
  • Increase your employee safety and wellbeing.
  • Save in your storage space.
  • Speed up your product delivery time.
  • Preventing your product damage.



We have addiction toward engineering design and product development, we do it because we love it. We share to our customer our secrets, knowledge and network. We are building cutting edge technology that has futuristic touch and feeling. We are the only company, which offers unique service combined with out of box thinking. Our biggest assets is  deep understanding and knowledge in lifting business and our vast network of companies and individuals. Customers come first for business opportunity and they stuck because of our community.

With us you learn and grow your business every day.  Working with us does not feel hard and stressful but it is fun and joya big learning curve. With us you are going to discover complete new world in lifting business and you will ask yourself  why no one tried it before.

We tell the truth and never fool you. We treat our customer with love and respect, we love communicating and sharing ideas, we listen and try to understand, we give you our feedback directly and we grow all together. We have clear dreams and visions supported with strong strategy and mission. Our vision 2022 is to be number one in smart lifting technology.


Fertema company

Fertema oy is an expert company specialising in design and manufacture of lifting and transfer equipment.

The basis of our operations is to provide our customers with means of production for increasing the performance and enhancing the profitability. Our strong areas involve over 35 years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of various production lines.

Satisfied customers are of most importance for us. To achieve the perfect results, our equipment and devices are always designed and evolved in continuous cooperation with the customer. Mutual confidence is extremely vital for being successful in projects. In our operations we particularly emphasise technical implementation, quality, safety, and ergonomic matters.

Our equipment and devices are designed and manufactured in conformity to standards and requirements. In manufacturing we cooperate with professional subcontractors being familiarised with valid norms and requirements.

Ask us more! Our long-term expertise and professional competence are at your disposal.

Why we do what we do?

Passion to help others to succeed is our core value.
We want to help our customers to reach their full potenial.
We share our excitement and discoveries with our clients who deserve horizon.


Who Are We

We are an international team of engineers who is specilized with industrial lifting equipments. We help industrial company to increase their effecincy and increase safety level.


Our addiction

Our addiction is to develop smart lifting technology everyday by making diveces smarter and quicker and safer by catching the new age REVELOUTIN of 5G.


What We Do

We have international engineering team that work side by side everyday to make smart diveces.

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